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MSA Budget | Past Budgets | Student Fees
MSA operates with an approximate budget of $1.4 million that is spent on a variety of services and programs.

2015-2016 MSA Budget

Larger circles represent higher areas of spending by the areas.
Larger circles represent higher spending by a particular service, auxiliary or salary. Smaller (or non-existent) circles illustrate the limited resources used by many MSA entities.

2016 Missouri Students Association Expenditures

Expenditure Amount
Missouri Students Association funding is extracted from the Student Activity Fee.
Tiger Pantry and Truman’s Closet (MSA Auxiliaries) are excluded because they do not receive Missouri Students Association funding.
Several MSA programs are co-funded by the Graduate Professional Counsel and the Department of Student Life, which allow graduate students access to these services.
DSA $424,341
MSA Operating $120,207
Web Development Team $119,123
MSA/GPC Tech $117,713
Craft Studio $112,392
Student Legal Services $68,222
STRIPES $67,040
Student Design Center $41,127
Exec Salaries $29,200
Travel Pool & Reserves $25,946
KCOU $19,313
MUTV $16,365
Senate $10,764
DSC $6,400
Bikeshare $2,600
Computers $2,397
DSS $2,000
Student Curator $1,000
BEC $800
Student Court $150

A detailed copy of past MSA Budgets can be found here.

Understanding Your Student Fees

Student Fee Diagram
If you have any further questions related to the budget, please contact
Fee Amount
All fees are assessed per credit hour
The fees you see are based on a 12 hour credit load and may vary based on the number of hours a student takes.
The IT, REC, and Student Health fees are assessed differently than the other mandatory fees. Please see the descriptions for more information
* This fee is only assessed to graduate and professional students.
** This fee is only assessed to undergraduate students
Information Technology (IT) $153.60
REC Facilities $140.67
Student Health $100.66
Student Unions $65.39
* Graduate Professional Council $25.38
Parking and Transportation $23.84
** Missouri Students Association $21.75
Student Life $21.54
Counseling Center $10.63
Student Organizations $9.13
Club Sports $4.07
Capital Improvement $4.05
Multicultural Student Organizations $3.42
Jesse Auditorium $1.94
Readership $1.73
Divisional Councils $1.33
Sustainability $1.10
ASUM $0.48