The Missouri Students Association is separated into three branches

Executive Branch

The MSA Executive Branch is combination of many departments and Auxiliary services which whose purpose is to enhance specific facets of the student experience at MU. The executive branch is led by the executive cabinet and three MSA operated Auxiliaries, and oversees many other services.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of MSA is the Senate, which consists of elected student senators and is headed by the Senate Speaker. Internally, the Senate serves as a check to the executive and judicial branches by creating policies, rules, and regulations that guide the operations of MSA. Externally, the Senate represents the interest of the student body within the University and around the Mizzou community through several means including collaborating with other entities and the creation of resolutions.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch hears cases and disputes arising under the MSA constitution and bylaws as well as, being home to the Board of Elections Commissioners which facilitates presidential and other voting processes. The Court consists of nine justices who are appointed by the MSA President and approved by the Senate. The Court is headed by the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice chooses an Associate to assist in matters of the court and preside in the absence of the Chief Justice.