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Department of Student Services

Director: Justin McDonald,

The Department of Student Services was put in place as a resource for students to ensure the ability for academic success and well being of those on campus. Essentially, DSS takes ideas from students, faculty, and organizations, and puts them into action through the work of its various committees. DSS is made up of three committees: Services Development, Student Housing Issues, and Student Interests.

Student Services Development Committee

The Student Services Development Committee works on the development and implementation of new programs to serve students.

Student Housing Issues Committee

Works on creating and maintaining resources for student housing, off-campus and on-campus, and creates a relationship between Off-campus housing companies, the Off-campus housing coordinator in the Wellness Resource Center, the Department of ResLife,Campus Dining Services, RHA, etc.

Special Projects Committee

Works on improving the living conditions and college experience of all students on campus, such as improving campus safety, sustainability, parking and transportation, diversity, etc.