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Contact Us!

Looking for someone in MSA? Use one of these email addresses or phone numbers below to get a hold of us. Most of our offices are located in 2500 MU Student Center (above the bookstore) and we are generally open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Area Email Phone
General MSA Contact (Chief of Staff) 573-882-8585
MSA President 573-882-8585
MSA Vice President 573-882-8585
MSA Senate Speaker 573-882-8585
Department of Student Communications 573-882-8585
MSA Student Court 573-882-8585
MSA BEC (Elections) 573-882-8585
ASUM 573-882-8585
STRIPES 573-442-9672
Tiger Pantry 573-882-8585
Truman’s Closet 573-882-8585