Who are we?

We are the undergraduate student government association at the University of Missouri, solving problems for MU students, hosting concerts and other activities for students to attend & providing MU students and staff services such as Tiger Pantry, Truman’s Closet and STRIPES.

How do I contact you?

Visit our Contact Us page for emails and phone numbers associated with all the various aspects of MSA.

What are students in MSA doing?

Students in the Missouri Students Association are discovering their potential. In MSA, you can spend a weekend driving a STRIPES vehicle, create the next great event through the MSA Executive Cabinet, or advocate for students to administrators through the MSA Senate. The time commitment and experience is what you make of it. We have advisors and students leaders who are here to enhance your social and cultural experiences.

What programs does MSA implement?
  • Food Truck Fridays
  • Canned food donations for parking violations on campus
  • Public Transit Week
  • Heart Health Day
  • Campus Safety Walk
  • Tiger Pantry Food Drive
What are the benefits of joining MSA?
  • Cultivating leadership and professional skills
  • Access to a professional network
  • Gaining friendships and mentorships
What is the time commitment?

MSA is what you make of it. Expect a couple hours of work every week, but time commitments vary from person to person.

How do I get involved?

You can find specific information for participating in or joining our activities throughout our website. Members of the Missouri Students Association are encouraged to complete Diversity Peer Education, Green Dot Trainings, and Safe Space trainings. We do this to create safe and inclusive environments for all 1,000+ members of our organization.