University of Missouri

Missouri Students Association

The undergraduate student government at the University of Missouri


Senate Application

Requirements to Enter the Election

Anyone wishing to get involved with us must be in good standing with the University.

  • Have attended one MSA Senate committee meeting or full senate.
  • Email Senate Speaker, Mark E. McDaniel, about being added to the Senate email list.

Understand the Commitment

  • Every Senator must be a member of a committee.
  • Committee meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:00PM. Meetings last one hour.
  • Full Senate is every other Wednesday at 6:00PM. Full Senate can last one hour to three hours. Formal dress is required.
  • Senators are required to go to all the above meetings or send a proxy (a non-senator) to fill in for their absence. A Senator gets three excused absences a Semester.
  • Each Senate seat is a 1 year commitment.

Understand the Different Types of Senators

  • MSA Senate has At-Large seats available for prospective senators to fill throughout the year. These seats are designed for individuals seeking election without any prior experience to MSA. These seats are elected by current Senators. While Senate entertains at-large applications year round, there will be a special election set during each academic year in which the only order of business will be to discuss and elect at-large candidates.
  • MSA Senate has Academic College seats available that go up for election in November and March of every year. The BEC is in charge of these elections. Academic College seats are elected by undergraduates of each college. You campaign for your seat during the specified election period (contact the BEC Chairperson at It is suggested that all Academic College seats campaign online and in person to get people to vote for them.

NOTE: You do not have to be a senator to receive the senate emails, attend committees, start projects, or go to full senate. You have to be a senator to cast a vote. We are always welcoming new members, and have even developed a new-senator caucus and mentorship program to make sure that all new members feel welcome in our chambers.

REMEMBER! If you don’t get elected on your first try, STICK AROUND, we have many opportunities to become a senator throughout the year. If you do good work within MSA Senate, you will be noticed for it and it will earn you respect in your colleagues’ minds.

At-Large Senator Application


Please fill out the At-Large Senator Application if your interested in an At-Large Seat. After completion, it will be sent to Senate Speaker Mark E. McDaniel ( who will contact you with further information. At-large elections are held year round, however a special election will be held each year for an in-depth review of many candidates.

Applications are accepted throughout the year for vacant At-Large spots.

Academic College Seat Application


Please fill out the Academic College Seat Application if you’re interested in a 2016-2017 academic college Senate seat. After completion, it will be sent to BEC Chairperson who will contact you with further information. If you’d rather hand deliver this application, please fill out the following questions and deliver a printed application to the BEC desk in the Center for Student Involvement, Second Floor of the Student Center.

If you are an at-large senator, you are encouraged to apply to be an Academic College seat.. If you win the academic seat, the at-large seat you occupy will be vacated. This makes room for someone else to take your at-large seat.