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The Missouri Student Association

What is MSA?

The Missouri Students Association is the recognized undergraduate student government at the University of Missouri. We represent students of the university and are committed to representing their interests and advocating for issues they face. MSA provides students with many opportunities to explore campus and make the most of their experience at the University of Missouri.

The Executive

The MSA Executive Branch is led by the President and Vice-President, who are elected by the undergraduate students at the University of Missouri every Spring. The President and Vice-President assemble a team of student leaders from across campus to institute new student services and programs. The Vice-President also serves as the Association’s Liason to the MSA Auxiliaries.

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The Legislative

The MSA Legislative Branch is led by the Speaker of the Senate, who is elected by the MSA Senate. The Senate comprises 80 students from different academic programs and organizations from across campus who collaborate on student policies and opinions. Senate is organized between 5 different legislative committees, where resolution drafting begins.

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The Judicial

The MSA Judicial Branch is led by the Chief Justice, who is appointed by the MSA President and confirmed by the Full Senate. The Court is comprised of 9 Associate Justices that weigh in on areas of conflict in the Association and provide ethical oversight. The Board of Election Commissioners, an independent judicial unit that enforces Election Code

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How to Get Involved?

What are the MSA Auxiliaries?

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