The Missouri Students Association is dedicated to benefiting University of Missouri students.

Through our efforts, we continue to make a tangible impact on MU Students and the Columbia community. We are a leader amongst student governments in the United States, we do this through our services, programming, and initiatives to progress our student body and local community.

This page contains links to many of our programs, you can learn more about our programs at each of the links below.

Our Initiatives

Chancellors Excellence Awards

All-Gender Restrooms

Government Advocacy

It’s On US

We have accepted a call to action from the White House to end sexual assault.  We have joined 200+ other colleges and universities to make our campus a safer place. Our goal for this initiative is to create a new environment which does not sexual assaults on our campus.

You can take the “It’s On Us” pledge at


A campaign to stop higher education budget cuts to colleges and universities across the state.

Smoke-Free Mizzou

To promote health and wellness in Columbia, the Missouri Students Association sponsored and succeeded to make the University of Missouri a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus.

Trayless Dining

To cut down on unnecessary waste and promote a greener, more earth-conscious campus.