MSA Vice President

Molly Miller



Molly is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado. She is studying Journalism and International Studies with a Peace Studies emphasis. During her time at Mizzou, she served as MSA’s Senate Director of Outreach and on its First Year Council. Her work as Director of Outreach focused on campus safety issues where she serves on Vice Chancellor Stackman’s special taskforce to combat sexual assault. Molly is also an ASH Scholar, conducting linguistics research on the native Kenyan language of Bukusu. She is also a proud member of Pi Beta Phi. This semester Molly is interning on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. While she is away from campus, she finds herself demonstrating Mizzou's core values more than ever! M-I-Z!

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Vice Presidential Address

My name is Molly Miller. I am thrilled to be MSA’s Vice President. I am a sophomore from Denver, Colorado and am studying Journalism and International Studies. This semester I am away from campus, interning at our nation’s Capitol but I feel I represent my Tigers and my new home more than ever before.


In my two years at Mizzou, I have been involved in many programs and organizations including my sorority Pi Beta Phi and holding numerous positions within MSA including Senate Outreach Director.  I pride myself on being involved across many areas of campus and learning from the wide arrangement of students at Mizzou. Coming here my freshman year, I did not know anyone. I am incredibly proud of the challenges I faced to get to this point and believe it prepared me to lead the student body along with Josiah. Our goal is to provide Student Safety, Student Service and Student Support throughout our term in office.


Josiah and I both believe our student government should be nonpartisan as a voice for all students. We are committed to demonstrating this core principle and look forward to doing so over the next three weeks. From Dome to Dome, we can’t wait to “Show You Mizzou.”

MSA Vice President