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The Missouri Students Association Senate is proud to provide these online forms to expedite your collaboration with our great organization.

2016-2017 Calendar of Events

C&R Request

This form is for requesting money for any department or auxiliary under the MSA umbrella to use for any unforeseen purchase or repair throughout the current fiscal year. Examples include but are not limited to: new truck doors, new pottery wheels, money for an OrgSync Umbrella, etc. Not for organization travel; see: Travel Pool Allocation From. Please note there is a 5 week turn around.

Missouri Students Association Constitution

Legislation Builder

Welcome to the Legislation Builder! The Missouri Students Association Senate is dedicated to being transparent and approachable to everyone. If you are interested in writing legislation, but have no prior experience, you are in the right place!

If you are experienced in writing legislation and would like to make it yourself, please use the legislation builder, follow the formatting and submit it to Mark E. McDaniel.

The first step of writing any legislation is identifying if you are writing an act or a resolution. An act changes the bylaws, creates a new subcommittee, or makes appropriations (contingency and reserve request). A resolution voices the opinion of the students, in support or opposition. A resolution displays how the students stand on any matter.

To build a resolution visit the Resolution Legislation Builder

To build an act visit the Act Legislation Builder

MSA Bylaws


MUTV is kind enough to livestream all Full Senate Sessions and post recordings.

Rules for the Missouri Students Association Senate

Travel Pool Request

Travel pool request for organizations which fall under the MSA umbrella to apply for an allocation of funding to utilize for organizational travel for either the Fall or Spring semester. This funding is represented as up to 50% of the Contingency and Reserve budget for the current fiscal year. The deadlines for application can be acquired from the MSA Budget Chairman or the Secretary of Auxiliaries if the department/auxiliary head does not already have this information. This is the ONLY acceptable form submitted to the MSA Senate Budget Committee.