In March, undergraduate students at the University of Missouri vote to elect the President and Vice-President of the student government.

The elected officials appoint the executive cabinet in the following weeks. These student leaders oversee many departments within the association, as well as the auxiliaries MSA provides.

The ASUM president manages relations between state and federal officials, but is not appointed by the current administration.


Executive Branch
Anthony Tretter President msapresident@umsystem.edu
Kara Hjerstedt Vice President kmhfdb@umsystem.edu
Anthony Garcia Chief of Staff aeggz2@umsystem.edu
Katie Wiant Chief of Staff to the Vice President kmwiant@umsystem.edu
Key Banks Executive Treasurer keybanks@umsystem.edu
William Shafer Interim Director of Policy and Advocacy willshafer@umsystem.edu
Alex Forestel Director of Communications alexfoerstel@umsystem.edu
Claire Grissum Director of Internal Communications clairegrissum@umsystem.edu
Natalie Sales Interim Director of Outreach nssgrb@umsystem.edu
Paola Rodriguez Director of Diversity and Inclusion paolarodriguez@umsystem.edu
AJ Fisher Director of Sustainability ajfhff@umsystem.edu
Cory Johnson Director of Student Initiatives cdjohnson@umsystem.edu


Legislative Branch
Mackenzie Beaver Senate Speaker mebg98@umsystem.edu
Sawyer Bohannan Legislative Assistant sbbkn8@umsystem.edu
Kelly Dade Senate Comms Director kldgcd@umsystem.edu
Saige Bexten Freshmen Council Director snbdkf@umsystem.edu
Lane Cargile Co-Director of Freshman Council laccd4@umsystem.edu
Jessica Thomas Academic Affairs Committee Chair jmtb9p@umsystem.edu
Abigail Shaw Budget Committee Chair aesb8p@umsystem.edu
Sarah Petrowich Campus Affairs Committee Chair smprgc@umsystem.edu
Julie Koharik External Affairs Committee Chair juliekoharik@mail.missouri.edu
Landon Brickey Operations Committee Chair lobmnm@umsystem.edu
Noah Wright Social Justice Committee Chair njwn3d@umsystem.edu


Judicial Branch
Brendan Durbin Chief Justice bmd343@umsystem.edu
Colby Thornton Associate Justice ctdng@umsystem.edu
Mahi Patel Associate Justice mmp5bk@umsystem.edu
Jackson Lee Mueller Associate Justice jmh26@umsystem.edu
Keltin Petner Serio Associate Justice keltinserio@gmail.com
Grace Renfer Associate Justice gervnc@umsystem.edu
Brayden Herring Associate Justice brayherring@gmail.com
Aidan Lurtz Associate Justice al3bd@umsystem.edu
Nick Prainito Associate Justice napdbd@umsystem.edu