In March, undergraduate students at the University of Missouri vote to elect the President and Vice-President of the student government.

The elected officials appoint the executive cabinet in the following weeks. These student leaders oversee many departments within the association, as well as the auxiliaries MSA provides.

The ASUM president manages relations between state and federal officials, but is not appointed by the current administration.

Executive Branch
Name Position Email
Anthony Tretter President msapresident@missouri.edu
Kara Hjerstedt Vice-President msavp@missouri.edu
Anthony Garcia Interim Chief of Staff muoslchiefofstaff@missouri.edu
Paola Rodríguez Interim Director of Inclusivity msadcos@missouri.edu
Key Avingston-Banks Treasurer msatreasurer@missouri.edu
Director of Policy and Advocacy msadpa@missouri.edu
Director of Outreach msadda@missouri.edu
Alex Foerstel Interim Director of Communications msaoutreach@missouri.edu
Director of Sustainability
Legislative Branch
Name Position Email
Mackenzie Beaver Senate Speaker senate@missouri.edu