University of Missouri

Missouri Students Association

The undergraduate student government at the University of Missouri



In March, undergraduate students at the University of Missouri vote to elect the President and Vice-President of the student government.

The elected officials appoint the executive cabinet in the following weeks. These student leaders oversee many departments within the association, as well as the 11 auxiliaries MSA provides.

The ASUM president manages relations between state and federal officials, but is not appointed by the current administration.

Nathan Willett



Payton Englert



Christopher Dade

ASUM President


Chris is a junior at Mizzou studying Chemistry. He is from Rogersville, Missouri, and as the ASUM President, Chris spends most of his time educating Mizzou students about the political process in Jefferson City, in turn, increasing their political engagement. He works closely with MSA Senate to ensure that local and campus policies benefit students.