Board of Election Commissioners

What is the Board of Election Commissioners (BEC)?

The Board of Elections Commissioners (BEC) is an independent MSA Judicial organization responsible for overseeing all undergraduate student government elections.  The BEC is comprised of a jointly-appointed Chair and two Vice-Chairs that assist in informing candidates of election policy, enforcing election infractions, and election outreach and communication.

Board of Election Commissioners Chair

Anna Sikes (she/her)

Junior studying Journalism and a minor in Law

From Farmington, MO

Anna is an active member of MSA's First-Year Council, the Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity, and she's a photographer for the Columbia Missourian! Fun fact about Anna: she actually graduated from her community college in Farmington *before* she officially graduated high school!

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Rule for the Presidential Election

  1. All slates must abide by the BEC Handbook.
  2. Campaigns must be civil, respectful, and free from profanity, slander, or libel against another candidate, the Missouri Students Association, or any other campus entity.
  3. All candidates must adhere to MSA Bylaws, the University Code of Conduct, and any/all other applicable state and federal laws.
  4. The Board of Elections Commissioners (BEC) is the authority on all election law and can review violations on a case-by-case basis.
  5. In the event that the BEC feels that a candidate has violated election law or the spirit of the election, they have the authority to impose an infraction on the candidate’s campaign up to and including expulsion from the election.  A candidate may appeal this decision.  All relevant information regarding this rule will be outlined in the event of an infraction/appeal.
  6. All filed slates must attend the election advisory session, which will include each slate and their chosen representative(s), the BEC and their appropriate representative(s)
  7. All relevant questions and notifications of rule violations regarding the election can be directed to