Our Leaders

In March, undergraduate students at the University of Missouri vote to elect the President and Vice-President of the student government.

The elected officials appoint the executive cabinet in the following weeks. These student leaders oversee many departments within the association, as well as the auxiliaries MSA provides.

The ASUM president manages relations between state and federal officials, but is not appointed by the current administration.


Executive Branch

Name Pronouns Role Email
Josiah Mendoza he/him President msapresident@umsystem.edu
Molly Miller she/her Vice President mollymiller@mail.missouri.edu
Eghosa Ogbevoen she/her Executive Chief of Staff eooccv@umsystem.edu
Sruthi Ramesh she/her Chief of Staff to the Vice President srzdd@umsystem.edu
Christian Musgrave he/him Treasurer cmm5rb@umsystem.edu
Josie Johnson she/her Policy and Advocacy Coordinator jmjmcz@umsystem.edu
Shannon Martin she/her Deputy Coordinator for Internal Policy smmdxb@umsystem.edu
Miyah Jones she/her Deputy Coordinator for External Policy mjyk7@umsystem.edu
Marissa Moore she/her Outreach & Engagement Coordinator mam9k2@umsystem.edu
Berkeley Miller she/her Deputy Coordinator for Student Organizations blmzgp@umsystem.edu
Rosie Boswell she/her Deputy Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life rgbcnq@umsystem.edu
Cydney Perkins she/her Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Coordinator cmpcgr@umsystem.edu
Abby Sutter she/her Public Relations Coordinator ams2f2@umsystem.edu
Ayanna Taylor she/her Deputy Coordinator of Social Media amtwkc@mail.missouri.edu
Jade Parker she/her Deputy Coordinator of Advertising jep6dm@mail.missouri.edu
Alyssa Perez she/her Deputy Coordinator of Graphic Design amp2d4@mail.missouri.edu
Vacant Student Safety & Relations Coordinator
Madeline Lee she/her Campus Life & Experience Coordinator mrl3wx@umsystem.edu
Larissa Bell she/her Student Health & Well-Being Coordinator labk9w@umsystem.edu
Brendan Spicer he/him ASUM President (Ex Officio Cabinet Member) bas6kb@umsystem.edu


Legislative Branch

Name Pronouns Position Email
Lane Cargile he/him Senate Speaker senate@missouri.edu and lanecargile@umsystem.edu
Danny Daugherty he/him Legislative Assistant ddaugherty@umsystem.edu
Vishvi Aurora she/her Senate Public Relations Director vnadyk@missouri.edu
Zeb Howell he/him First Year Council Co-Director zwhmcb@missouri.edu
Greta Ripperda she/they First Year Council Co-Director gwrmpb@missouri.edu
Delaney Cannon she/her Academic Affairs Committee Chair dc6wg@umsystem.edu
Benjamin Hahs he/him Internal Affairs Chair – Budget bjhf7c@mail.missouri.edu
Vacant Campus Affairs Committee Chair
Donovon Moore he/him External Affairs Committee Chair djmkkx@mail.missouri.edu
Samantha Hole she/her Internal Affairs Chair – Operations slh64t@umsystem.edu
Sarah Peters she/her Social Justice Committee Chair scphfk@umsystem.edu
Jools Pulcher they/them Senate Outreach Coordinator jgpz3b@mail.missouri.edu


Judicial Branch

Name Position Email
Aidan Lurtz Chief Justice al3bd@mail.missouri.edu
Grace Renfer Associate Justice gervnc@umsystem.edu
Quinn Sheppard Associate Justice qlcpg3@umsystem.edu
Payton Lujin Associate Justice pcl2y3@umsystem.edu
Luca Valencia Associate Justice lgvbpp@umsystem.edu
Lorelai Clubb Associate Justice licgk3@umsystem.edu
Vacant Associate Justice
Vacant Associate Justice
Vacant Associate Justice