The Executive Cabinet

The MSA Executive Branch is a combination of many departments and auxiliary services whose purpose is to enhance specific facets of the student experience at MU. The executive branch is led by the executive cabinet, three student-run departments, eleven MSA-operated auxiliaries and oversees many other services.


Clay Van Eaton (He/Him/His)

Dallas, Texas

Senior studying Accounting with minors in Economics and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Clay Van Eaton is a senior from Dallas, Texas, majoring in Accounting with minors in Economics and Entreprenuership & Innovation Management. On campus, Clay is involved with the Cornell Leadership Program and Beta Theta Pi. Clay brings a spirit of determination and dedication to his role as MSA President at the University of Missouri. His goal is to leave his mark on Mizzou for the better consists of fostering a campus atmosphere where every tiger feels connected and respected. His mission is to educate others about MSA and advocate for students.

Photo of Clay

Vice President

Emily Brockmann (She/Her/Hers)

Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Senior studying Accounting

Emily Brockmann is a senior from Lake St. Louis, Missouri studying Accounting. On campus she is involved in the Cornell Leadership Program, the Mizzou Student Foundation, and is an ambassador for the business school. Emily is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all students at Mizzou can thrive. Within her role as Vice President, she is especially excited to work with MSA's auxillaries and advocate for the needs of the student body.

Photo of Emily

Executive Chief of Staff

Evan Meyer (He/Him/His)

Bowling Green, Missouri

Senior studying Finance and Banking

Evan Meyer is a senior from Bowling Green, Missouri studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. Evan’s previous involvement on campus includes being a member of Delta Tau Delta, Interfraternity Council, Cornell Leadership Program, and working as a tutor for the Mizzou Learning Center. As Chief of Staff, Evan assists and advises the Association’s President with various tasks and works with all facets of the Executive Branch to accomplish the MSA’s initiatives. Evan plans on using his previous professional and extracurricular experiences to further improve the effectiveness of MSA on campus.

Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Kaitlyn Berger (She/Her/Hers)

St. Louis, Missouri

Senior studying International Business with a Spanish Minor and Multicultural Studies and Honors Certificates

Kaitlyn is a senior from St. Louis majoring in International Business, a dual degree in Business Administration and International Studies. Additionally, she is pursuing a Spanish minor, Multicultural Studies certificate, and Honors certificate. Her studies make her passionate about understanding an increasingly interconnected world, global economics, and different cultures. At Mizzou, Kaitlyn is involved in Greek life, the Cornell Leadership Program, and Mizzou study abroad while she completed a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Within her role as Vice Chief of Staff, Kaitlyn is looking forward to connecting with the Mizzou community and making sure students feel heard, understood, and valued by MSA.


Drew Hahs (He/Him/His)

Chicago, Illinois

Senior studying Actuarial Science and Economics

Drew is a senior from a southwest suburb of Chicago, IL studying Mathematics: Actuarial Science and Economics with a Statistics minor and Honors Certificate. Drew currently serves on the IFC Executive Board, the A&S Student Ambassador program as their Senior Ambassador: Internal Operations, and is an RA in Hudson Hall. He enjoys playing sports with friends, spending time outdoors, and watching tv or sports when he has some free time. Drew is looking forward to serving the Mizzou community and playing a larger role in MSA!

Policy & Advoacy Coordinator

Parker Ezell (He/Him/His)

Senath, Missouri

Junior studying Political Science and Constitutional Democracy

Parker is a junior from Senath, Missouri double majoring in Political Science and Constitutional Democracy. He has served as an MSA Senator for the last 2 years, as well as a First Year Council Member and as the Co-Director this past year. As this year's Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, he plans on pushing meaningful legislation through the MSA Senate that benefits the student body as well as advocating for issues that students are passionate about! Parker loved meeting new people and getting to know them, and he plans on using this in his role to find out what issues students are passionate about! Outside of MSA, Parker serves as a Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy Fellow and spends the rest of his time with his friends and working in Missouri politics!

Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (AIDE) Director

Johnathan Martinez (He/Him/His)

Rayton, Missouri

Senior studying History, Agriculture and Public Policy

Johnathan Martinez is a senior from Raytown, MO, who is triple majoring in History, Agriculture, and Public Policy. He has a passion for supporting and empowering others and is actively involved in various organizations on campus, including Phi Kappa Theta, Interfraternity Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Association of Latin American Students. As the AIDE Coordinator, Johnathan strives to ensure that all students have access to the resources they need to succeed academically, socially, and personally. He believes in the importance of unity and is dedicated to creating a safe space that promotes growth and development for all.

Deputy AIDE

Eyram Dumor (She/Her/Hers)

Rolla, Missouri

Junior studying Medicinal Chemistry

Eyram A. Dumor is a junior studying medicinal chemistry on the premed track. Having graduated from Rolla High School in 2022, she is proud of her Ghanaian heritage and is the oldest of three siblings. Eyram's interests include tennis, writing, and reading with one of her favorite books being The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Known for her sense of humor and empathy, she is dedicated to fostering unity and supporting others. Eyram believes in excelling as a leader while also respecting everyone on campus. Over the past year, Eyram has been involved in advocacy and she wants to continue to bring that energy to the Mizzou community. She is committed to promoting equity through collaborative efforts to ensure a fair and inclusive campus environment.

STRIPES Specialist

Braden Bond (He/Him/His)

O'Fallon, Missouri

Senior studying Health Sciences with Emphasis Pre-Professional

Braden Bond is a senior from O'Fallon, MO majoring in Health Science on the pre-med track. He also is pursuing a minor in Biology. As a leader, he dedicates himself to ensuring all students have their voices heard aswell as someone to look to in times of need. Through his involvement as apart of many organizations on and off campus he plans on using his connections and experience to ensure that MSA excels in everything they do. He is thrilled to get to work with such an amazing team and bring back our beloved STRIPES program to campus!

STRIPES Specialist

Jason Koch (He/Him/His)

Chicago, Illinois

Senior studying Industrial & Systems Engineering with a Business minor and certificates in Six Sigma Methodology and Multicultural Studies.

Jason Koch is a senior studying Indistrial & Systems Engineering with a Business minor. On campus he is involved in Phi Delta Theta and the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers. Jason cannot wait to help provide safe and secure transportation to students and help amplify awareness for the STRIPES program.

PR Coordinator

Julia Frankel (She/Her/Hers)

St. Louis, Missouri

Senior studying Strategic Communications and Political Science

Julia Frankel is a senior from St. Louis, MO majoring in journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications and minoring in political science. During her time at Mizzou, she has served as a copywriter and account manager for Matchbook Marketing, where she helped produce social media content for local nonprofit organizations. She has also been a member of the Theta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Fighting Pretty Mizzou. Outside of these extracurriculars, Julia enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and trying new restaurants! Within her role as the public relations coordinator, she is committed to keeping the student body informed about MSA’s initiatives and goals while also increasing engagement with the executive branch’s social media. She is excited to build connections with students on campus and showcase all of MSA’s incredible work in fun and creative ways!

Executive Media Specialist

Ali Barnhart (She/Her/Hers)

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Senior studying Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications

Ali Barnhart is a senior from Johnstown, PA studying Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. She is also pursuing minors in Textile and Apparel Management and Plant Science with an Honors and Floral Design certificates. Ali values community, joy and creativity. Outside of MSA, Ali is the Mizzou Social Media Student Intern, VP of Internal Relations for the Alumni Association Student Board,a member of the Missouri Student Foundation, American Advertising Federation and Public Relations Student Society of America. This upcoming year she will represent the J-School as the Digital Strategist in the National Student Advertising Competition. Ali is thrilled to spread awareness about MSA and its goals in a creative student-centered way.

Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Grace Becker (She/Her/Hers)

St. Louis, Missouri

Senior studying Political Science with an emphasis in Pre-Law and a minor in Philosophy

Grace Becker is a senior from St. Louis, MO, majoring in Political Science on a pre-law track while also getting a minor in Psychology. Grace aims to use her degree to pursue law school in the future. As a tiger, Grace strives to embody all the values that the University of Missouri represents. Within the Missouri Students Association, she serves as the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator. Her role is to plan events that promote the Association and their goals. The Outreach and Engagement team is there to assist the President, Vice President and students of Mizzou. The team is committed to providing events that are informative and encompass the spirit of Mizzou.

Outreach Specialist

Maggie Menley (She/Her/Hers)

Valley Park, Missouri

Junior studying Finance & Banking

Maggie Menley is a junior from St. Louis, MO, majoring in Finance & Banking and minoring in Political Science. She's been involved with various student organizations, including the Cornell Leadership Program, the Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis Steering Committee, the Association of Trulaske Businesswomen, the University of Missouri Investment Group, and works for the MU Division of IT. In her free time, she enjoys thrifting, being outdoors, and listening to music. Within her role as Outreach Specialist, Maggie looks forward to getting all corners of campus involved in MSA and ensuring everyone's voice is heard. She is excited to advocate for Mizzou's community and ensure students feel included, informed, empowered, and valued during their time here!

Event Specialist

Dai'Montre Yancy (He/Him/His)

Senior studying Education Leadership with an emphasis in Leadership

Dai’Montre Yancy is a senior studying Education with an emphasis in Leadership. He has been involved with various organizations on campus, such as Dorsey Scholars, MoLSAMP, National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Maneater, Legion of Black Collegians (LBC), and the National Association of Black School Educators (NABSE). In his free time, Dai’Montre enjoys creative endeavors like writing and painting. Throughout his time at Mizzou, Dai’Montre has found a passion for advocacy and is passionate about making the campus a better place for all Tigers. Before joining the cabinet, Dai’Montre served as LBC’s Vice President, and through this role, he collaborated with MSA and has been invested with the administration ever since. As the Executive Branch's Event Specialist, he is committed to spreading awareness about MSA's goals and the work the organization continues to do at Mizzou. He is excited to launch several innovative events throughout the academic year and will always strive to showcase MSA in a fresh, creative, and student-centered way!

Event Specialist

Kayla Hill (She/Her/Hers)

Kansas City, Missouri

Senior studying Health Sciences

Kayla Hill is a senior from Kansas City, MO majoring in Health Science. As a part of the Outreach and Engagement team Kayla is determined to make your university experience unforgettable. As an Event Support Specialist, Kayla is actively creating events that are as enjoyable as they are informative in order to show you how MSA can be your ally in university life, how you can join this dynamic community, and most importantly, to give you a chance to kick back and have some fun in your home away from home. These events will involve making memories and gaining knowledge while navigating the challenges of university life. So, be on the lookout for MSA events where you can de-stress, learn, and connect with fellow students!

Health Specialist (She/Her/Hers)

Brooke Godbee (She/Her/Hers)

Lohman, Missouri

Senior studying Health Science Pre-Professional with minors in Biology & Psychology

Brooke Godbee is a senior from Lohman, Missouri studying Health Science with a Pre-Professional emphasis. She is also pursuing minors in Biology and Psychology and a certificate in neuroscience, and is pre-med. Brooke is dedicated to promoting health and well-being among students and strives to highlight the importance of mental and physical health. Her passion for health and enthusiastic participation in MSA stems from her leadership involvement, clinical experience, and research experience. Brooke's goal is to support and advocate for all students to create a stronger, healthier campus community!

Wellness Specialist

Shay Butler (He/Him/His)

Bowling Green, Missouri

Senior studying Health Science Pre-Professional

Shay Butler is a senior from Bowling Green, Missouri studying Health Sciences Pre-Professional on the Pre-PA track pursuing a minor in psychology. On campus, he serves as the Vice-President of Risk Management for the Interfraternity Council, a College of Health Sciences Student Ambassador, and a member of the Mizzou shotgun sports club! He's excited to implement innovative ideas that will ensure the safety and well-being of every Mizzou tiger!

The Executive Cabinet