The Legislative Cabinet

The Legislative Cabinet provide essential expertise and support to members of the Legislative Branch and University of Missouri Community. The Legislative Cabinet is lead and appointed by the Speaker of the Senate and shall comprise of all legislative committee chairs, a legislative assistant, a public relations coordinator, the First Year Council Co-Directors, and any other relevant student positions. Meet the members of the 62nd Session’s Legislative Cabinet! Together, we work to develop a legislative strategy and student priorities and programming.

Speaker of the Senate

Lane Cargile (he/him)

Washburn, Missouri

Senior studying Political Science and Public Administration and Policy

Lane has been a member of the Missouri Students Association for his entire undergraduate career, serving as an At-Large Senator, an Arts and Science Senator, Academic Affairs Chair, First Year Council Co-Director, and is currently completing his second term as Speaker of the Senate. Some of his biggest accomplishments include implementation an interactive All-Gender Restroom Map, securing funding and support for Flow @ Mizzou, and advocating for a Syllabi Bank Policy for undergraduate students.

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Legislative Assistant

Daniel Daugherty (he/him)

Saint Louis, Missouri

Senior studying Environmental Sciences and Political Science

Danny joined the Association in the Fall of 2021 and has proceeded to serve as an At-Large Senator, a CAFNR Senator, and is currently the Legislative Assistant. Interestingly, Danny has a twin sister who attend film school at Stephen College in Columbia!

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Academic Affairs Chair

Delaney Cannon (she/her)

Palatine, Illinois

Sophomore studying Health Sciences

Delaney originally joined the Missouri Students Association as a member of the 2021-22 First Year Council and has continued to serve as a School of Health Professions Senator, Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs, and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. A fun fact about Delaney is she is a HUGE soccer fan and has played alongside Abby Wombach!

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Campus Affairs Chair

Amy Bianucci (she/her)

Rockwall, Texas

Junior studying Psychological Sciences

Amy is a new member of the Senate and is serving as an At-Large Senator and Campus Affairs Chair. She aspires to be Elle Woods!

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Social Justice Chair

Sarah Peters (she/her)

Saint Louis, Missouri

Sophomore studying Political Science and Psychology

Sarah has been involved in MSA since 2021, serving as an At-Large Senator, a First Year Council Member, and the Chair of the Social Justice Committee. She has been a Pianist for 16 years and a Violist for 10 years and plans to pursue a career in politics and is passionate about social justice. For the Spring of 2023, she will be interning at the White House in the Office of the First Lady -- Jill Biden.

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Internal Affairs - Operations Chair

Samantha Hole (she/her)

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Senior studying Constitutional Democracy, Economic, and Political Science

Sami been involved all four years in Senate, serving as an At-Large Senator, Academic Senator, and most recently as Internal Affairs Operations Chair. She is extremely involved on campus, being in four other organizations including Sigma Kappa and Residential Hall Association.

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Internal Affairs - Fiscal Chair

Aiden Schaeffer (he/him)

Freshman studying Accountancy

Fenton, Missouri

Aiden is in his fist-year at the University and within the Association and serves as an At-Large Senator, Business Senator, and Senate Fiscal Chair. In his free time, he is a massive documentary buff.

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External Affairs Chair

Donovon Moore (he/him)

Saint Louis, Missouri

Senior studying Environmental Engineering

Donovon is currently the senior member of the Missouri Students Association and is a former FYC members, a three-term incumbent for the College of Engineering, and the External Affairs Chair.

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First Year Council Co-Director

Greta Ripperda (she/they)

Murphysboro, Illinois

Sophomore studying Journalism and Spanish

Greta was a member of the 2021-22 First Year Council Cohort and is currently an At-Large Senator, Senator for the School of Journalism, and Co-director for FYC! She plays the guitar and gigs under the name "Greta and Her Guitar."

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First Year Council Co-Director

Zeb Howell (he/him)

Sophomore studying Political Science

Summersville, Missouri

Zeb, again, was a member of the 2021-22 First Year Council Cohort, an At-Large Senator, and an Arts and Science Senator. Fun fact, he is *not* related to Ed Sheeran in any way. We promise.

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Public Relations Coordinator

Vishvi Aurora (she/her)


Sophomore studying Biological Sciences and Physics

Vishvi joined MSA as an Arts and Science Senator and is the current Public Relations Coordinator. Vishvi is a poet and a singer and has written two books so far and loves to play soccer.

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Senate Outreach Coordinator

Dalton Lytle (he/him)

Pascola, Missouri

Junior studying Political Science

Dalton joined the Association as the Organizational Seat for the Residential Hall Association and is currently an Arts and Science Senator. Currently, Dalton is also, the Speaker of Congress for RHA!

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Service Programming Coordinator

Liam Redington (he/him)

Clayton, Missouri

Sophomore studying International Studies, Political Science, and Economics

Liam is currently serving as an At-Large senator and the first Service Programming Coordinator for the MSA Senate. He knows how to play the violin, drums, and piano!

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Legislative Cabinet