61st Session Highlights

Brickey-Smith Administration Achievements

Landon, Emily and the Executive Cabinet


"Tonight [April 5th, 2022], the Brickey-Smith administration will transition to the Mendoza-Miller administration for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. The behind-the-scenes work that our administration, executive cabinet, Senate and Justices put in this year has made all the difference and made this snowstorm of change possible. While [this page] only highlight a fraction of our proudest achievements, it has been the greatest honor to serve Mizzou and the student body, and we wish the incoming Executive branch the best successes in continuing our work. Thank you to every single person, organization, faculty, staff, administration, student and community member that made this year possible"

61st Session Achievements



Free menstrual product dispensers set for insallation


Budget passed for 2022-2023


Awarded to students through the Emily Kirk Memorial Scholarship

61st Session Achievements



For the Queer/Trans Prom


To MGC & NPHC's "Bridge to Success" Conference


Towards Homecoming Accessibility

61st Session Achievements

Student Advocacy

Campus Violence

Task force created to mitigate the campus relationship and sexual assult crisis


signed and led nationwide letter to U.S. government to cancel student debt


Lobbied for student interests to legislators with other SEC SGAs

61st Session Achievements

Student Wellness


Menstrual health products given out


articles of clothing donated to the student body


student-written sticky notes for operation beautiful

61st Session Achievements



Chancellor's Standing Committees filled


New justices appointed to the student court

61st Session Achievements