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Get Involved

Why should you get involved in your student government?

A strong, effective, efficient, and competent student voice is critical to the overall student experience at Mizzou. There are many opportunities for YOU to get involved with MSA and have an impact on campus during YOUR time here and for years to come.

Freshmen Council

  • The Freshmen Council is the easist way for freshmen to get involved in student government at MU. This group will meet and talk about various leadership styles while advocating for all students at Mizzou. To apply, click here.

    Chancellor’s Standing Committee

    • Apply to be a member of a Chancellor’s Standing Committee! Take advantage of the possibility to meet with Staff and Administrators and have your voice heard on important issues facing Mizzou. For more information, please email

    MSA Senate

    • Join MSA Senate to look for problems on campus, represent your fellow students, and get a creative license to be an agent of change. Create the future; be the future!

    Department of Student Communications (DSC)

    The Department of Student Communications performs public relations services for MSA. In addition to advertising, DSC conducts surveys to gather student opinion and provides strategies for marketing for the specific programs and happenings of MSA. DSC also works with other branches of MSA to effectively communicate with students about upcoming events, ongoing legislation, and overall daily happenings within MSA. DSC outreaches to campus organizations, provides strategies for marketing specific programs and events of MSA, and operates the MSA website and social media sites. Click this link to get involved with the Department of Student Communications.

    Department of Student Services (DSS)

    The Department of Student Services was put in place as a resource for students to ensure the ability for academic success and well being of those on campus. Essentially, DSS takes ideas from students, faculty, and organizations, and puts them into action through the work of its various committees. DSS is made up of three committees: Services Development, Student Housing Issues, and Student Interests. Get involved with the Department of Student Services.