Legislative Branch

About MSA Senate

The Legislative Branch of MSA is the Senate, which consists of 81 student senators, with 9 seats designated for joint session organizations, and headed by the Senate Speaker. Internally, the Senate serves as a check to the executive and judicial branches by creating policies, rules, and regulations that guide the operations of MSA. Externally, the Senate represents the interest of the student body within the University and around the Mizzou community through several means including collaborating with other entities and the creation of resolutions.

Senate Leadership

Committees and Calendar

Each of MSA’s five Senate Committees are charged with a specific area of student life or MSA. All Senators are voting members of a committee, and meetings are open to the public. Committees are presented with bills which must be voted through before being brought to Full Senate.

Academic Affairs Committee


This committee gives students the opportunity to bring ideas and challenges to light about the facet of Mizzou that brought us all here in the first place: our education. Academic Affairs’ eyes are always fixed on the horizon. We hope to continuously grow closer to the student body that we represent and maintain cooperative relations with faculty and academic staff. Students should get involved in Academic Affairs if they are motivated about Mizzou’s academics, passionate about helping their peers learn and desire to develop opportunities that would make the learning environment at Mizzou better for all students. MSA is by students, for students, and we are here to support our peers, both inside and outside the classroom.

Internal Affairs Committee


The Internal Affairs committee hosts the largest potential for students to become wholly engaged with the student government process. Housing both the Budget and Operations teams, it presents a huge window into the inner mechanisms that allow our historic organization to function. A majority of students that join MSA have a combined interest in public administration/policy and serving the needs of our fellow MU students. Internal Affairs is a great opportunity to combine these interests with the real-world conduct and administration of a government organization. 

Budget: The Budget team aids students in developing a good understanding of the financial structures of a multi-branch organization, and aids in developing critical, viewpoint-neutral thinking when we evaluate C&R requests or budget proposals tied to student-led legislation or projects. 

Operations: MSA Senate Operations oversees all three branches of the Association to ensure the successful fulfillment of their duties. It is, in essence, the internal review team. It provides students with imperative oversight into how our organization functions at a constitutional level. Operations holds all members of the Association accountable to the Missouri Students Association Bylaws and Constitution. As MSA must adapt and change to the constantly shifting fiscal, political, and social environment of the University and our community, Operations makes those necessary changes to the Bylaws and Constitution to meet current needs.

External Affairs Committee


The External Affairs Committee serves as the primary liaison between MSA and the local community. External Affairs regularly works with Columbia leaders and officials to involve MU students in all parts of their surrounding community’s policies, initiatives, and current improvements. The committee follows and advocates for the needs of the student body whenever they are off campus. As students continue to interact with Columbia as they attend MU, External Affairs will strive to improve both campus and community life for our peers.

Social Justice Committee


Mizzou should be dedicated to creating space that is open and welcome to everyone, regardless of background or identity. MSA will continuously work to uphold these values. That is the job of a student serving on the Social Justice Committee. This committee works to develop student leaders that understand that all MU students deserve to feel safe and heard. These leaders will recognize that oppression is intersectional and impacts marginalized students in ways that we cannot see. This committee will work to develop a campus community that actively supports and uplifts these voices and establish foundations for change at MU via collaboration with other student organizations, student-led projects, and more.

Campus Affairs Committee


Campus Affairs is the broadest of the MSA committees, as it focuses on improving the daily experience of Mizzou students, through all aspects of student life. The two main ways we accomplish this goal are through legislation and committee projects. In the past, Campus Affairs has focused on addressing the stigma associated with mental health on campus, improving accessibility with campus maps, and collecting public opinion among students on other issues. In general, no issue falls outside of the scope of this committee. Campus Affairs is always listening and always working to benefit the experience of our peers on campus.

All committee meetings are open to the public! Please come share your voice! Committee meetings and Full Senate alternate every other week on Tuesday nights at (Committees at 7 p.m. and Full Senate at 6 p.m.). Email the MSA Speaker for more information.

Thinking About Joining MSA Senate?

Anyone wishing to get involved with us must:

  • Join our Engage page!
  • Attend one MSA Senate Committee meeting and one Full Senate.
  • Be in good standing with the University.

NOTE: You do not have to be a Senator to receive Senate communications, attend committees, start projects, or go to Full Senate. You just must be a Senator to cast a vote. We are always welcoming new members regardless of major, experience, or interests!

MSA First Year Council is an excellent way to get involved with student leadership at Mizzou. Over an academic year, members will learn about advocacy through developing their own student projects. Council members will develop leadership and professional skills in an engaged and proactive manner. The council will help increase knowledge about Mizzou and MSA as a whole, student government, leadership at Mizzou, and allow you to meet impactful individuals from all ends of campus!

If you are interested in advocacy, learning about Mizzou, or have issues you want solve, please apply for MSA First Year Council.

Applications for the 2022-2023 First-Year Council are open until Sunday, August 21st! Apply here!

At-Large Senators are voting members of MSA Senate who are elected by current Senators. These seats are designed for individuals seeking to join MSA without any prior experience. To run for this position, you must fill out the application below, as well as attend one committee meeting before you run for your seat. At-Large Senators are required to go to committee meetings, as well as Full Senate meetings every week.

Applications are open year-round. If you are interested in becoming an At-Large Senator, apply here!

Academic Senators are members who are elected by students at Mizzou. These Senators are elected for a one year term. These seats are designed for individuals who are seeking to continue their involvement in MSA. To run for this position, you must fill out an application and attend the Board of Elections Commissioners’s meetings pertaining to the election. Academic Senators are required to attend Committee meetings, as well as Full Senate meetings every week.