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Jayne Andrews

Exective Director of Promotions, MUTV

St. Louis, MO

MUTV has been a great experience for me. MUTV offers a way to get real life experience and to surround yourself with other students who are driven. I am so impressed and inspired by my peers and am enjoying learning about the field I want to one day enter.

Trevor Beyatte

Trevor Beyatte

Team Leader Coordinator, STRIPES

St. Genevieve, MO

I am involved with MSA because I have such a passion for STRIPES. We are lucky enough to get money from MSA to help us be able to help keep MU students safe. I adore this MSA auxiliary and I love being able to help the MU community.

John Typaldos

John Typaldos

Executive, STRIPES

Nixa, MO

I’m involved with STRIPES because I love the program and love our cause. I think what we do is very important for the campus community and the evidence of the good we do is obvious when you look at the DUI statistics and see the yearly decrease in the number of DUI arrests here in Columbia. Plus it’s tons of fun and I have met many of my close friends while volunteering with the organization.